Keeping Christ Close

Keeping Christ Close

Ministry Leader | Dawn Davis

Ministry Purpose

We exalt Christ by showing love and hospitality to each guest and by providing follow up contact to acknowledge their visit to church along with prayer and a kind invitation for their return. 1 Peter 4:9-10

In accordance with Romans 10:9-13 and Hebrews 10:25, we walk through the plan of salvation with the unsaved, and provide intake ministry services to saved guests seeking church membership.

Who We Are

Keeping Christ Close Ministry was established by Pastor Benson at the beginning of 2012 to formally accept new members joining the church through a systematic process referred to as “Intake.”  The Four Spiritual Laws and the “Romans Road” is used as a basis for leading people to Christ and affirming one’s salvation prior to initiating the pathway to membership.

The Intake process is the primary function of the ministry:

  • Preparing members for New Members Classes and recording attendance as a prerequisite to church membership.
  • Administering spiritual gifts assessment to assist members in identifying and then exercising their God given gifts for the church body.
  • Coordinate the complete baptism procedures and program
  • Plan the Right Hand of fellowship for eligible new members.
  • Monitor the status of new members from the point of Intake to the Right Hand of Fellowship.
  • Touch base with members that encounter crucial, extended or uncharacteristic absences for the purpose of restoration and care.