I Give You My Word

I Give You My Word

I Give You My Word

To live with honor is to be a person of your word

There is a young man named Alex Sheen and he was tasked with writing a eulogy for his father who died of cancer in 2012. While reflecting on his father’s life he discovered one of the great things about his father was that he always kept his promises and that was one of the things his passed along to his two sons. In 2013 Alex started a social movement and non profit organization called ” because I said I would” in honor of his father. Alex wrote down 52 promises on index cards that he would execute. He drew one card per week at random and completed the promise written on the cards. Here’s are some examples of the promises he made and kept:
           1. I will teach my grandmother how to Skype
           2. I will change a baby’s diaper for the first time
           3. I will give blood for the first time
           4. I will pick a house and do random yard work for them.
Alex kept all 52 promises , although they may seem small each of his promises touch someone’s life.

Here’s another example of a lady that promised to keep her son’s safe  and to keep them productive members of society. She expressed ways to go about ways keeping her promise

1. Eliminating bad influences
2. Enrolling them in better schools and follow up with teachers.
3. Going over homework and having books in her home.                    

Those are a few examples from the secular world.

Our Pastor has asked that we join the movement for 31 days of Jan. Our movement will be called I Give You My Word
How can we as New Direction Bible Fellowship join this movement from a spiritual perspective. Each of us can take a moment and look at ourselves and find something we can get better at, give back, try differently or begin anew. Each of us can make a commitment to keep our Word. Here are some examples or suggestion of things we can be committed to:

1. Pray for your Pastor and his family
2. Make it to church/ Sunday school on time.
3. Read your bible and spends some quality time with God
4. For next 31 days pray about building our new church
5. Participate in evangelism/outreach 
6. Visit a assisted living facility and offer prayer
7. Tell someone you love them show it and mean it
8. Promise to forgive
9. Be consistent in your giving 

This is a heart thing so it’s anonymous. I’m asking you to write your promise on the card but your name on the card is optional. On New Years Eve the first cards will be included in the programs and You can have as many as you want but please everyone take one. The front of the card is where you’ll write your promise or give your word. The back is the affirmation “ I kept my word”.

You can trade cards with another person if you’ve made promises to each other and return the cards after the promise has been kept.

You can post your card by taking a picture and posting . Helps with accountability

You can write 31 promises selecting a new promise each week.
When you’ve fulfilled a promise. Bring it to the alter. There will be a basket at the alter to collect your cards.

Keep in mind that the enemy will do everything he can to stop us from keeping our word. He’s already tried me by using my fear of public speaking. Remember there will be a blessing on the other end of keeping your word.
If you have any question please see me or call me to discuss.
Finally I’ll leave you with this

Deuteronomy 23:23
You shall be careful to do what has passed your lips, for you have voluntarily vowed to the Lord your God what you have promised with your mouth.


This is an activity we used at NDBF. Feel free to use at your own church and make adjustments that fit your church needs. May God continue to shower you with his grace and mercy.😀❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏


Click Here for Sample Cards Promise Card Project


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